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  • Core focus

    Visual Art | Design | Creative consulting

    Visual art

    Visual Art: Creative

    Fine art and other creative processes.

    In the visual communication world, commercial art forms, such as graphics, photography and illustration, each require a distinct set of skills but in a crucial way also require a fundamental understanding of art and design.


    For this reason, my fine art skill set and experience in various media is often sought out by those in need of a visually compelling design ideas or direction, outside the parameters of graphic design, and branding. I, alongside a close network of creative individuals, can offer businesses the creative, technical and visually compelling edge needed to attract consumers and promote products and services.


    Logo | design

    Design: Problem Solving

    Brand development: Identity systems and personality development.

    Developing or refining a corporate identity is a process that aims to define what your brand stands for. Goals, personality and what you want people to experience when interacting with your brand, the identity must be clear which is often determined by the consumers of your product or services with the right positioning statement among other things.


    I’m chiefly hired to give businesses a distinctive, enduring visual appearance as well as a defined personality — one that differentiates from the competition and brings clients closer to their goals. 10+ years of experience in the design profession (6 dealing specifically in brand identity design and development), and a lifetime as an artist, helps me to not only give clients visual appeal but also increase their profits through better attraction and retention of their target customers.


    A brand’s visual identity is an investment that when combined with a great product or service will pay off for years to come.


    Brand identity design is a development process and covers a wide range of materials that aid in this process. It includes but not limited to logo design, graphic design and website design, usually in that order. Brand personality development is a process that covers a wide range of areas of a brand, which includes but not limited to user experience, vocabulary, product or service and imagery.

    I offer a lot more because I outsource other talents for specific projects. Feel free to ask. If I can't do it I can connect you to someone who can.


    My design service is not limited to brand identity, it can be applied to many other projects that require similar processes.

    Creative consulting

    Creative Consulting: Strategic

    Marketing and concept development.

    I'm hired as a creative consultant on projects needing impact, appeal and cohesion through art/creative direction. These projects can vary from websites, digital or print presentations, interior decorating (home and business), events, store setups, environmental design and music or film -related projects such as production, set design, album artwork and EPKs.

    My purpose as a creative consultant is simply to help clients develop their projects by offering creative advice and development strategies from concept through to completion.



    See examples here.


    Appointment only

    I'm not a one stop shop

    I don't sell commodities, I offer a bespoke service.

    It is recommended, that you request a meeting date via email or phone to discuss your project. This meeting can be either by phone, Skype or in person. This way we can have a detailed chat about what is needed and its purpose.


    I usually take on large projects, in most cases, these projects require a lot of time and a retainer. I will also have other projects considered one off projects/short term projects that I take on as well. I try not to over load myself in order to deliver great quality and personalized service to each client.


    This is good news! It means I will have more time for each client.


    I am always open to discuss any project or help in anyway I can, I can also recommend other professionals who may be available.


    My availability extends to:

    • Long or short term contracts and projects.
    • Full time employment is dependent on the offer, and may require a retainer contract which is not limited to but includes, defined role (s), what is required (time and days for work) and naturally an agreeable fee. 
    • Additional contracts may be applied.

    Just ask.